Tantalum Rod / Tantalum Bar
Formula: Ta
Purity: 99.95% Min. | 99.99% Min. 
Tantalum (Ta)
Tantalum - 2.5%Tungsten (Ta - 2.5W)
Tantalum - 10%Tungsten (Ta - 10W)
Tantalum - Niobium (Ta - Nb)
Tantalum rod is widely used in:
    - Aerospace industry for supersonic aircraft, rocket engines, spacecraft combustion chamber components
    - High temperature furnace as a parts
    - Atomic energy industry
    - Metallurgy industry for special alloys
    - Chemical industry as anti-corrosive components etc.
Tantalum rod is also used to produce Tantalum crucibles  and Tantalum sputtering target for PVD coating.
Production process: powder metallurgical
SRC is able to machine parts as per customer's drawing.You only need send us your required material,purity,dimension,quantity for an inquiry. you will get the quotation on the same day.